Accessible Guest Rooms & Services

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We are committed to providing equal access and opportunity for individuals with disabilities. 

Common Area Accessibility Disclosures:

  • All Signs on the Property are Easy to Read and Free from Reflective Material. 
  • Door hardware (lever, pull, panic bar, etc.) usable with one hand, without tight grasping, pinching or twisting of the wrist
  • Hotel Provides Proper Number of Accessible Parking Spots Including Van Accessible Parking Stipulated by the ADA
  • Service Animals Allowed at No Additional Charge 
  • ADA Accessible Guest Room
  • Ground Floor Hotel Entrance 
  • Key card reader positioned so persons who use wheelchairs may approach and operate the opener 
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  •  On-Site Designated Accessible Parking 
  • Wheelchair Accessible Route from the Accessible Parking Space to the Facility
  • All doorways to and within Accessible Guest Rooms are Wheelchair Accessible 
  • Hotel corridors minimum of 36" wide 
  • Portable accessible registration clipboard
  • 32 Inch Wide Openings to Common Areas
  • Hotel Provides Proper Number of Accessible Guest Rooms Stipulated by ADA 
  • Accessibility Equipment for the Deaf
  • Van Accessible Parking 
  • People in Need of Accessible Features can book Accessible Rooms during the Same Time and Terms that Others can Reserve Rooms 
  • Accessible Guest Rooms with 32 Inch wide openings 
  • WCAG Level 2.1 Website 

Guestroom Accessibility Disclosures: 

  • Door hardware on all entry doors to accessible guestrooms and other passage doors within the room usable with one hand 
  •  Wheelchair Accessible Guestroom Door Entrance, Bathroom Door Entrance, Interior Doors Per ADA Standards That Allow At Least 32" Clear Passage Width So Persons Who Use Wheelchairs, Crutches, And Other Mobility Aids Can Visit Or Stay; In Addition, Door hardware (Levers, Pulls, Panic Bars, Etc.) On All Entry Doors To Accessible Guestrooms And Other Passage Doors Within The Room Are Usable With One Hand Without Tight Grasping, Pinching, Or Twisting Of The Wrist  
  • Wheelchair accessible route in room, minimum clear width of 36 Inches
  • Service Animals Allowed  
  • Wheelchair accessible Lowered Counter, maximum 36 inches from the floor  
  •  Hearing Impaired Light Alerts with Kit   
  •  Lower Level Individual Thermostat  
  • Lowered Closet Bars and Shelving Strobe Lights  
  • Closed Captioning Television 
  • 36" or More Accessible Path of Travel Around and Between Beds Per ADA Standards  
  • Closet Bars and/or Shelving Lowered  
  • Drapery Control with a 36” Clear Path Within Reach & Lowered Wands  
  • Switch Light/Lamp Control-Type 
  •  Hearing Impaired Light Alerts – Free Portable Equipment Provided by Hotel 
  •  Table/Desk Height Accessible with Knee Space 27” (width) and 34" (height), and runs at least 17 inches deep 
  • Power Outlets within 4” of Telephone  
  • Communication Kits Available with TTY Machine, Strobe Light – Free Portable Equipment Provided by Hotel Telephone – Free Portable Equipment Provided by Hotel 
  •  Wheelchair accessible bathroom with grab bars on the rear and side of toilet that are ADA Compliant  
  • Toilet seat height is between 17-19” 
  • Roll in Shower with removable shower wand, portable shower seat, grab bars mounted on shower wall, wall mounted accessories are all within 48” of height  
  • Lavatory mirror at lower height, with bottom edge of a wall-mounted mirror mounted no more than 40 inches for wheelchair users 
  • Lavatory sink provides knee clearance of at least 30 inches wide; 27” tall and 17” deep; all of the under-sink plumbing is insulated to protect from burning contact, and the lowest reflective edge of the mirror is no more than 40”